York Dog School have trained Dobermans for over fifteen years. They are fantastic dogs but need careful training.

Obedience is vital in your Doberman as having an obedient dog makes ownership of your pet an absolute pleasure! At York Dog School we will train your dog to a high level in obedience. Residential training for your dog takes place in a 5 Star Licenced Kennel where your dog will receive the very best care and attention.

Residential training is in blocks of a week at a time and is totally flexible and clients can book a single week or more according to their requirements.

Daily intensive training sessions will ensure that your dog’s obedience will improve with a tailored programme to your exact needs and resolve any particular problems you may be having

Owner training is a vital part of the process and working with the owner is a major part of the training. We work extensively with the owner at the kennels to make sure that they understand the commands and can take control of their dog following the training.



Your dog will be safe and secure in the family owned kennels. The kennels are licenced by the local authority and have recently been awarded 5 Stars by the licencing authority. Licencing of kennels is strictly enforced and you can be sure your dog is in the best possible hands.


  • Heel Work –walk to heel on the lead
  • Heel Work – walk to heel off lead 
  • Recall - return when called
  • Down – “down” on command
  • Sit – dog will sit at the side when you stop
  • Come –come to owner in the “frontal sit” position


Owner training and participation in obedience training is just as important as training the dog. The owner must be aware of the commands and learn to control the dog. After the first week a training session with the owner is arranged at the kennels.

The owner training is an essential part of the course so that we can make them fully aware of all the commands.



Some trainers believe that giving a dog treats is the best way to train but in our opinion relying on treats exclusively just does not work. Your dog may learn how behave but only does it at because there's a treat at the end of it and many times treats just stop working. Essentially you are bribing the dog to behave properly. Bad behaviour by a dog makes an owner’s life a misery. Our dog training solves problems with bad behaviour as this is our speciality. Many of the problems are very common and we work with your dog and just as importantly, with you at your home or on a walk, to solve the problems.

  • Stop pulling on the lead
  • Stop lunging at other dogs
  • Stop barking at dogs & people
  • Stop jumping up at people
  • Stop aggression
  • Stop running away and not returning
  • Stop constant barking
  • Stop barking at the door


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